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jeahyun's Journal

5 August
My name is JeHyun which I totally realize is different from my livejournal name. But you see my English name is Jea and my Korean name is JeHyun so I just smooshed them together. And yes, I am also aware that Jea is a rather odd and wrong spelling but blame my parents who didn't know and still don't know proper English grammar. My birthday is August 5 and I was born in 1991 in the great city of Seoul, South Korea.

I am a fan girl at heart. I love all of my boys but sometimes depending on my mood some become better liked than others. But no matter what DongHae Oppa will be my number one. ^__^

I am not picky about friends at all. It would be much preferred though if you were slightly active and had similar interests. I mean at least that way we have something to talk about.
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